It’s time to get back on track

Hi guys I know I have been away for a while but I’m back for good. This summer I’m going to be 18 and I’m super excited. I have a couple of trips planned this summer. I will be coaching tennis at the camp I use to attend when I was elementary school all the way up to high school. This summer I am taking 3 online classes but they end July 15th so it isn’t too bad. I have so much planned for Just506 this summer. I am going to try to post daily. And guess what…I graduated finally!


Spring Beauty Tag

#Spring Beauty Tag

Hi guys I finally did the spring beauty tag. I added a little twist to it, so I have my non-athlete response and my athlete response. I hope you guys enjoy like, comment, and follow!

1.    Do you change your makeup when spring arrives? If so, how?

Non-Athlete: I recently started wearing makeup on a daily basis in 2013 so I have not had the opportunity to change my makeup for spring. But I plan on trying to do that. I hear the thing for spring is bright colors and I am super excited about that; being bright is so me.

Athlete: Makeup Ha who wears makeup in spring its Tennis season. The only makeup I wear is chap-stick and that’s only on days I remember

2.    What’s your favorite spring fragrance?

Non-Athlete: Can Can by Paris Hilton is my favorite fragrance. I wear it year round because the smell isn’t too much like winter of too much like spring. The guys also love the smell of it so why not wear it right.

Athlete: Sunscreen, that’s the only thing I wear in the spring!

3.    What’s going to be your favorite accessory this spring?

Non-Athlete: This spring I am going to rock statement necklaces, they go along with the theme of spring bright and bold. They can make an ordinary outfit into something so much more. Statement necklace is an understatement.

Athlete: Colorful racquet grip is the best. Bold colors usually intimidate others so I went for it.

4.    What’s going to be your most worn item of clothing this spring?

Non-Athlete: This spring I am going to wear jumpsuits and overalls. They have become so popular in the past year and I love it. I remember when I was younger and my parents had to make me wear overalls and I use to hate them now I am dying to get me some this spring.

Athlete: A hat I guess I have to protect my head and keep the sun out my eyes.

5.    What are your top three favorite nail polishes?


  1. Lightening(250) By Insta-Dry…This is a yellow
  2. Rapid Red(280) By Insta-Dry…This is red
  3. Lively Lilac(420) By Insta-Dry…This is a light purple

Athlete: I will just wear the same red nail polish all summer and throw a coat on top of it when it starts to chip.

6. Do you prefer pumps or sandals in spring?

Non-Athlete: Everyone loves pumps right? They will go so well with my jumpsuits and overalls. I really want to get some all-white Steve Madden pumps.

Athlete: I have to play tennis all day and workout all the time so I’m going to throw on some sandals. Athlete’s you know where I’m coming form.

 7. What’s your favorite spring jacket?

Non-Athlete: Hmmm? My favorite spring jacket is my jacket I got from my military school. My mom hates the jacket. It is a bit too small but you don’t notice unless you examine me in the jacket. It’s really comfortable and durable.

Athlete: Jacket hah no need for a jacket I sweat all the time.

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My Somewhat Skin Care Guide

This post came from Lilly Pebbles, one would say she is my blog idol. When I saw her post about this I was just like ok this is a brilliant idea. Between morning workouts and morning class;evening workouts and evening classes. I forget about how important skin care is so I tend to look really bad throughout the week. There are no boys on campus either so maybe that is a reason. But this is my somewhat skin care guide.

Wash your face! Oh Yeah!


  1. Cleanse: Don’t leave the room until you have washed that face of yours.
  2. Gel: Shake well before use.
  3. Scrub: Let the little beads melt on your skin.
  4. Toner: It’s a bit uncomfortable on your face but you will live


  1. Makeup Remover: If you had tennis just skip this step

2-4: Your good just go to bed.


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I went to Tennessee!!





On Sunday March 9th my team went to Tennessee to play a match. The ride there was amazing. We rode past mountains the whole time. There were two tunnels that went inside the mountains. I wanted to get a video riding through the tunnels but I was always too late trying to record. I’m not really a nature type of girl but I enjoyed the view. I had to have taken 50 pictures. We only went to Jefferson City so we didn’t go to a big town but it looked like Tennessee from the outfits I saw to the accents I heard. The school we played was bigger than my school, but that isn’t really saying much because my school is really small! We didn’t win the match overall but our number one player was the only one to win her singles match and our number one doubles team won also. Everyone played hard during their matches. I got to play one spot up which was really fun.

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Our Saturday That Never Was But Never Really Was

just bloggers

  Me and Claudia after shopping!

Me and the girls 1

Just chilling at the ATM!


my roomie and I

Can you say Roomies forever!

night time

Just a night-time smile.

On March 1st which was a Saturday that we had no tennis on Saturday or Sunday so that was meant to be the night that we went out and partied like we had no mind. That morning we woke and got all cute and went to the mall to prepare for our night and buy new outfits, the mall was super fun. There was the cutest guy working at Hollister and these guys were making a video for YouTube about how people felt about twerking, that was extremely awkward but it was really funny. I am going to try to get that video. I got the world’s cutest jumpsuit but I did not take a full body picture in it but I’m sure it will be in another post one day. We left the mall and headed back to the room to change and started what we thought was our best night ever. We went to the college next to ours and went to their men’s basketball game. I go to an ALL girl’s college that’s why we went to another college to go to a game and our girls season here is over. The game was amazing we had so much fun. The intensity was crazy, me and Claudia ( were into the game like we were on the court with the players. The team lost and we were so worried that they would be too sad to party so we became sad too. Our prediction was right after the game the parking lots were super empty and no one was outside. We came up with the theory that everyone was showering and changing for the parties later on so we decided to go to Krispy Kreme. There are two reasons why Krispy Kreme was amazing; so when we pulled up I saw my 3 friends who when I’m with them I always have the best time ever and after seeing them and after talking to them for like 5 minutes the Hot Now sign came on, overwhelming right? I was one happy college party hopper that night. I got 3 donuts and ate all of them that night. After that great adventure there we went back on the campus searching and nothing was going on. Next we went were we thought that all college kids went at midnight if they are not partying which is cookout and guess what, it was empty. But Claudia had a milkshake, I ate some fries, and my roommate just shared with us. We did a little bit of snap chatting and talked for a while about how much we wanted to hang and meet people. Ok so we had food in our system and tried one more time but it was a fail. We gave up and went back to our room and just watched movies and hung out. I know we sound party desperate and that’s because we were that night, we wanted to just party I guess we were just asking for too much. It was worth every moment so the disappointment wasn’t too bad.

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I won my first match!

So guys the title of this post tells it all I won my first match! I played doubles and singles. My doubles partner was not there but the partner I had that day rocked it. We won doubles 8-4 and I won my singles 6-1 6-0. I was super excited when I won.Oh yahh my team also wone the match overall, it was the first match we won for the season. I am so pround of my team for holding it together and winning the match. We had to take a selfie to remember this day!
Me and Laura!

Snow Day on 28 Jan 2014

Just standing

Of course I had to get a picture of me standing in the snow with a nice scenery it is just a must. Am I right? or am I right? I couldn’t figure out how to rotate the picture sorry guys and gals.

When I saw this tree I had to do this. It is just an epic pose. The only down fall was the trees had spikes on then so yah,it was painful but posing is pain. You get it beauty is pain but I said posing. HaHaHa

See here is the deal I have the best roommate in the whole world. We get along so well so we had to do a roomie photo shoot! Can’t you just see the love in our smiles.

Here is my roommate, my teammate and me. They are both from Australia! How awesome is that? BTW, that was rhetorical. We hang out together all the time I call us two mates and a friend. I just love this selfie, its priceless.

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